A Look Back: The Final Entry for My Class

So it has been quite the semester for me.  I managed to cook 9 meals over the course of this blog.  Though it was far from my goal of 20, I would say I managed to have some fun while working on these entries while still getting my work done.

I’ve kept you all informed on what I’ve learned cooking-wise during these entries, but I must say I’ve learned a lot when it comes to project management as well.

Mostly the fact that it is difficult to schedule 20 meals over 15 weeks especially if the people you hope to cook with don’t have a grade to worry about and you have school work for other classes to worry about too.

This isn’t to say that it is any particular parties fault, it is simply something that I need to work in to planning for other projects.

But now that this semester is done, I am most likely going to continue this blog, so there is no deadlines to meet.  I still plan on cooking and posting what projects I can here for my friends, family, and what online fans I have to read and enjoy.

So thank you for your time, I hope to please you all with my other culinary experiments in the future.



A Review: The Recipe Websites

So due to time constraints, the second half of my blog for this semester has been predominantly recipes and why I want to do them.  I started with getting all my information from AllRecipes.com.  Let me tell you why it is great.

Image representing AllRecipes as depicted in C...

AllRecipes.com (AR) is a great way for someone who cooks for fun.  I originally found this site years ago when trying out recipes when I first started cooking.  I wasn’t serious about cooking at the time and it was something I could leave and come back to whenever I needed to.  After years of using it, I get the impression that is not that urgent that meals are super fancy.  AR takes recipes submitted by users and makes them easy to share with other users in a friendly online community.  Meals are not overcomplicated and make cooking approachable for people who have not grown up cooking meals for themselves often.

Image representing Epicurious as depicted in C...

The second website I used was Epicurious.  I originally found it while downloading random applications for my iPhone and iPad.  This one seemed a little more high end when it came to cooking and upon reading recipes, it confirmed my suspicion.  Epicurious seemed like it tended to focus on the finer details of cooking.  People who use the site are by no means sous chefs, but they do have a passion for the finer details.  This is reflected not only in the descriptions and lists of recipes, but in the presentation of the website as well.  The impression I get with Epicurious is that it is for people who have a greater passion for cooking rather than the casual cook.

I personally will probably use Epicurious more often than not in the future.  This isn’t to say that AllRecipes won’t be in my cooking repertoire, but rather, I would like to focus on the finer details in my cooking, and use the recipes I find on AllRecipes.com as a supplement to my passion.

I like tacos and burritos…mostly tacos.

I guess you have to give Dean Lombardi credit for being able to develop players.  I mean I haven’t seen many players out of San Jose who are superstars.  Probably the two strongest ones in the organization that Doug Wilson drafted are Logan Couture and Marc-Edouard Vlasic.  Marleau was drafted by Lombardi but I can’t say that was a good choice considering the long term results.  Doug Wilson is good at getting star players from other teams and keeping them though.  Case in point: Joe Thornton and Dan Boyle.  Thornton even took a pay cut to stay here.  I guess it is debatable as to which skill is more valuable.

Yet another recipe from Epicurious!

Black Bean Tacos with Corn Salsa

Barbacoa Tacos — “Three corn tortillas f...

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If horses gallop, do seahorses scallop?

Seriously, the biggest insult is that the Kings will be going to the Stanley Cup Finals in a year where they barley had any business being in the playoffs in the first place.  For the past three years, the Sharks were expected to get far in the playoffs.  I’ll give them some credit: they made it to the Western Conference Finals for the second and third times in three seasons.  And despite this, the Sharks haven’t even been to the Stanley Cup Finals.  We will be the only Californian team who hasn’t been there.  This wouldn’t be so bad if Dean Lombardi just lived up to his reputation and continued to make terrible moves.

So I’ve been finding the recipes on AllRecipes to be getting boring.  So time for a new site: Epicurious!  It seems a little more high end.  This seemed to be confirmed by the recipe I decided to go over:

Scallops with Spice Oil

Chef's Surprise: Sea Scallops

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Cheesecake: Taking indulgence to the next level

Shane Doan.  We should trade away Patrick Marleau and try to acquire Shane Doan.  He is a free agent this year and 6.9 million dollars in cap space freed up by getting rid of Marleau will give us spending flexibility.  That guy actually plays like he cares.  In the playoffs, he’ll be making all the big plays and leading when even the coaching staff isn’t.  I’m starting a campaign right now: Shane Doan to the Sharks…well, we’ll have the cap space up until we acquire Rick Nash.  Man, Doug Wilson better be as shrewd as he makes us think he is.  Nash+Doan.  It will make the Sharks a force to be reckoned with.

So I’ve done a few recipes on dinners.  So I figured I’d look for a desert.  I rarely eat deserts so I had no idea where to start…until I saw this.

Chantal’s New York Cheesecake

Newyork cheesecake

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Homemade pizza dough: Avoid the Noid.

The sad part of the Kings probably getting to the Stanley Cup Finals is that I don’t really have confidence in the Devils or the Rangers that they can beat LA.  Considering how stacked the Rangers are, they should be the ones dispatching other teams in 4-5 games instead of 6-7.  The Kings are an 8th seeded team, eliminated the #1 seed in their conference in 5 games, the #2 seed in 4 games, and if they win today, the #3 seed in 5 games.  They are ridiculous and Dean Lombardi is ridiculously lucky.  That guy would be looking for a job if it weren’t for the Mike Richards/Jeff Carter trades and Darryl Sutter fixing the Noid– I mean Dustin Penner.  Down with Lombardi, up with Doug Wilson.

So I posted to my Facebook page the other day about how pizza from a restaurant almost never disappointing and frozen pizza almost always disappointing me.  This poses a conundrum as always: how do I eat pizza without spending too much money on restaurant pizza and how eat a disc shaped pile of puke from a frozen cardboard box?  So like all of my life’s issues, I’m resolving it by learning to cook and/or bake.

Pizza 1 bg

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