Cooking Turkey Won-Tons with Catherine a.k.a. The Happiest Meal on Earth

Here is my theory about the San Jose Sharks.  The coaches don’t know how to coach defense.  Now they’re spending all their time trying to develop a system to defend that they’re letting their offense struggle and their defense still isn’t getting the job done.  My solution?  Fire the assistant coaches.  McClellan obviously can coach offense and the power play (see 2009-early 2011.)  Hire an assistant that coach the penalty kill and defense.  Also one that coaches the team to stick up for each other.  Might I suggest luring Tony Granato away from Pittsburgh?

So my next meal was cooked with my fellow Advertising major, Catherine.

I met Catherine last year when we had MCOM 100W together.  Both of us are taking MCOM 63 this semester (different professors) so she offered to cook with me for my blog.  Check out her blog on Disneyland as well!

Catherine decided to cook a simple meal of turkey won tons.  It is a traditional Filipino dish.  Usually it is made with beef or pork, but because of a history of health related issues, Catherine’s family made the switch to turkey, a healthier meat.  Seeing as how I have a family history of diabetes and heart conditions, leaner meat definitely appeals to me.

This was a very simple meal to make and ends up making quite a few won tons.  Catherine was able to feed herself, myself, friends who came over after we cooked, and was able to freeze some for future meals.

We started with the ingredients.  All of which could be found at the local grocery store.  In this case, it was Safeway.

Catherine put rice in the rice cooker while we started preparing the dumplings.  If you read my last post, you know I feel about those things.

We started the preparation by adding all the spices, soy sauce, and meat together in a large bowl.

The only thing that isn’t pictured here is the onion.  And as you may have noticed, I always am the one who ends up chopping it.  This meal is no exception.

We only used a slice of onion.  I ended up having to dice it.  It gets mixed in with the meat and spices and you don’t want it to overpower the meat.  Just enough to add flavor.

Once every thing was added, we got down and dirty with the mixing.

Next came the fun part.  We took the meat mixture and had to assemble the won tons.  We used won ton wrappers purchased from Safeway.  It is weird, but Catherine did not find them in the foreign food section, she found them…

We were able to put a plate between the two of us for the perpared won tons along with the meat and a bowl with egg to use for the seal.

From there, you form triangles of meat that take up half the won ton wrapper.  Then you fold it over and use a finger dipped in egg to seal the edges.

A pound of turkey meat provided for a lot of won tons so Catherine put some in a freezer bag for later.  This is where we started heating the oil on the stove.

Catherine used a wooden chopstick to determine if the oil was hot enough.  Apparently when it bubbles around the stick, that means the oil is hot enough.

Catherine requested that I fry up the won tons.  Boiling oil can be a scary task.

Once cooked, we put the cooked won tons in a bowl with a napkin to soak up any excess oil on top of already trying to drain what oil had collected in the won tons back into the pan.

Once the rice was done, we ate the dumplings and rice and had a grand meal.

What I learned:

The chopstick in the oil thing.  I shall have far less shirts that are ruined because they have oil stains all over them!  Also, I don’t have to go to 99 Ranch to find won ton wrappers.  I might still go anyways if I want cheaper ones.

Also, the Sharks suck at the penalty kill.  But I know this already.


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