Baking Cookies with Kaila Part II a.k.a. The Six Million Dollar Cookies

And now, the continuation…

I listened to last weeks Dudes on Hockey podcast.  Mike went to the Sharks fantasy camp and found out that Doug Wilson never plans on “blowing up” the Sharks and doesn’t believe in re-building the team.  I think that is a sign of a good General Manager.  Look at the Columbus Blue Jackets.  It seems like they’ve been re-building ever since they were created.  I rather go see a team that I’m going to be entertained by every night.  Plus I learned that the team that trades away the most first round draft picks is the Detroit Red Wings.  I wouldn’t mind borrowing their model when it comes to building an organization.

And now, the actual continuation…

For the next batch of cookies, we did a tried a tried and true favorite: chocolate chip cookies…except we made them better than they were.  Veganized!

We actually started the first step for these before the lemon cookies, but we had to let it chill in the fridge before we could do the rest.  It was creating our “egg.”

So since we can’t use egg in vegan cooking, we used the next best thing:  flaxseed.  I know, it blew my mind too.

We mixed in three parts water, one part flaxseed.  After mixing thoroughly, we refrigerated it so that it could firm.

While our “egg” was setting, we started measuring out the other ingredients.  We used a large bowl and Kaila’s scale to get exact measurements.

We then mixed in both the brown sugar, flour, and the oil.

At this point we gave the mixture a good stir so it looked a little more like batter and a little less like primordial soup.

At this point, we added hazelnut oil, something I have never used in a cookie recipe.  But to be fair, I hadn’t made a cookie recipe since I was 9.

Then we added the vanilla.

Note the comically large bottle of vanilla that I mentioned in the last post.  At this point, our egg had been resting comfortably in the fridge and it was about time to add it to our concoction.

I’ll admit, it looks pretty weird right now…but it will get better!

At this point, we added secret ingredient.  Seeing as how Kaila is starting a business, I will refrain from informing you all what it is, but it’s a good idea.

It’s not cocaine.  This is the point where we added the baking soda.  I feel like I should mention something about the science behind cookies at this point.  Oh well.  After adding the baking soda, we added moar flour and mixed it well!

And of course after mixing, we added the key ingredient…

CHOCOLATE!  Interesting side note: Our vegan egg does not have the same properties as a legit egg, which would normally bond the water and oil together.  Because of this lack of bond, it was very hard to keep the chocolate chips in while mixing it.  Many times while putting our chunks on the cookie sheet, we had to fish for choco chips.

Because I have the sense of humor of a twelve year old, I had to add in the pictures of the pre-baked cookies.

Once we finished, we were actually ready to put both batches into the oven.  Standard 350 degrees Fahrenheit did the trick.

Once finished, we had to batches of delicious cookies.

I brought them to work the next day and left them in the break room.  They were gone before the halfway point of my day.

What I learned:

-Vanilla can come in large bottles.  Very large bottles.

-Vegans find alternatives to pretty much any animal product

-Vegan cookies don’t taste that much different from regular cookies and get eaten just as fast

-The Sharks winning their last 4 games shows me this team can go far in the playoffs…if they feel like it.


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