Crocking with Kevin and Barbara a.k.a. there’s still plenty meat on that bone!

So the Sharks are playing the St. Louis Blues in the first round of the playoffs.  They’re a team I’ve praised all season for playing exactly how I would like my team to play.  Lots of people are citing different deficiencies about the Blues, like their lack of playoff experience, their lack of talent, and other things.  Bottom line is that they beat us in all four regular season games and have two goaltenders who are hot as heck.  That won’t stop me from having some hope of the Sharks getting the first round.  I just won’t get my hopes too high.

So for my most recent meal, I cooked with my friends Kevin and Barbara.  They opted for another simple meal:  lamb stew.  Kevin said he learned the recipe and most of his cooking from his scout master when he was growing up.

The ingredients were straight forward:


He got his ingredients from the local Lunardi’s, but the same could be found at your local grocery store. In this case, he got lamb that was pre-chopped for kabobs when normally it would be a boneless leg of lamb. It simply made preparation process easier.

We started with the leeks, which took the most amount of prep work.  I had never cooked with leeks (a close relative to onions) before so this was a new experience.  Leeks grow in the sand and/or dirt so it involved a lot of cleaning in between the layers.

We started by chopping off the top green leaves.

Followed by a split down the middle.  Here we clearly saw the different layers.

And then we chopped it into slices.

From there, we then put it into a pot of room temperature water to wash all the dirt off it.

While letting the leeks sit, we cut the other veggies.  Kevin worked on the mushroom, potatoes, and celery.

While I worked on the carrots and of course, the onion

From there, we threw everything (veggies, lamb, broth, flour, and spices) into the crock pot and let it sit for eight (!!) hours.

The flour is a thickening agent for the broth (or so I’ve been told.)

Then we had a stew!

What I learned:

-Crock pots are generally great for people who don’t have a lot of time to prepare. You can start it in the morning and by the time you get home from work and/or school, your dinner is hot and waiting for you!
-Leeks take a lot of preparation, which I find with most foods, has a lot of benefits in the end. I want to find something else I can put them in!
-If you think you have bronchitis, go see a doctor. I’m coughing a lung out right now.


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