An Interlude: Halfway Done a.k.a. What I’ve Learned

So I just typed up a whole blog entry and because a combination of Zemanta and WordPress, half my entry got deleted.  Funderful.  I’ll try to recap.

I really want to have faith in the Sharks.  I really do.  I wish I could be like my roommate who has had blind faith for the 49ers and Giants for his whole life (which didn’t pay off until recently.)  But I’m finding that I can’t do that.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love the Sharks, but I don’t have to be happy with how they are playing right now.  I believe that McClellan is a talented coach, but he doesn’t surround himself with talented assistants.  How else would a team with so much talent be able to put out such a sub-par season?  But I digress…

So throughout each entry I’ve done over the past couple months, I’ve posted what I’ve learned.  But what I haven’t posted are meals that I tried on my own and what I’ve learned from those in combination with the stuff I learned from friends (a synthesis of information, if you will.)  Also, I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve ever had the chance to use the word synthesis in my writing.

-I learned from the co-worker David (who does competitive barbecuing) how to properly cook chicken breasts.  My family would always cook chicken in various ways, barbecue, baking, frying, and we would always cut the chicken and use that to let us know when it was fully cooked.  I learned from David though that if you’re not supposed to cut it before or during cooking.  When you sear both sides of a chicken, the juices will naturally glaze over both sides, sealing in the juices.  And as long as you know how long to cook it, you can cook the chicken without having to cut in and not get salmonella in the process!  The first time I tried this, the chicken was incredible.  Now if I can convince my dad to try it…

Enterprise, AL, March 3, 2007 -- A local volun...

Enterprise, AL, March 3, 2007 -- A local volunteer cooks chicken breasts to help feed disaster relief workers and other volunteers at the Enterprise High School. Volunteers are an invaluable component in the response to disasters. Mark Wolfe/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amir’s better caption: Check out this dude!  He’s grilling chicken much like my co-worker David who gave me the chicken cooking advice!

-There is such a thing as too much sweet potatoes.  During my cooking session with Esteban, he mentioned that he didn’t like sweet potatoes because he felt they were too sweet.  I thought this was blasphemy.  That is, until I cooked a whole sweet potato dish for myself.  I spread it out during a week and made sure I ate it with other main dishes.  I still got tired of it.  The next dish I make with sweet potatoes will be slightly smaller

Picture of fries made from sweet potatoes.

Picture of fries made from sweet potatoes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amir’s better caption: Check out these sweet potatoes fries!  They illustrate how too many sweet potatoes can be a bad thing!

-Regardless of how much I enjoy cooking, it is going to be exceeding difficult to cut fast food out of my diet.  Currently I have a forty hour work week and six units at San Jose State University so cooking is not always a great option.  Hopefully this summer I will have ample time to enhance my skills…and continue this blog of course!

SJSU Campus Village

SJSU Campus Village (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amir’s better caption:  Check out San Jose State University’s campus village!  This illustrates how much of my time is dedicated to school and why I don’t cook more!  Also, I eat at the Panda Express there a ton!

-I have a lot of self-imposed eating restrictions.  I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t eat pork.  Also, I have a lot of respect for people who have self-imposed eating restrictions, especially people who never eat fast food.  It is difficult to take things out of ones diets, especially things that one enjoys, but the benefits usually out weigh the costs.

Fast Food

Fast Food (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amir’s better caption: Check out this weird game box about fast food!  It helps illustrate my previous point about food restrictions and how I respect people who have them!  What cool guys!

-Nic Wallin, formerly of the San Jose Sharks, really enjoys Hamburgers.


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