Dry Chicken: A Conundrum

So the Sharks’ season is over.  I’m not surprised.  As much as I wanted to believe that they could beat the Blues, the whole NHL knew that wasn’t going to happen.  And now there is talk that McLellan might stay except with new assistant coaches.  I told you San Jose.  I’m always right.

So cooking.  It’s been a while.  So I didn’t plan accordingly to get as many meals done as I would have liked this semester so I’m falling back recipes and cooking concepts…and Zemanta.  Bah.

So I’ve been cooking a lot of chicken for myself lately, so lets go over that.

Seeing as how Zemanta doesn’t want to give me any suggestions right now, I’ll just reuse one of my old photos.

I’ve relied on my co-worker David’s cooking advice of making sure not to break the skin of chicken until it has been completely cooked.  This has treated me well right up until the last batch I cooked, which was tough and awful.  So I looked up advice online on how to prevent this.

According to this handy guide by Linda Larsen, I learned how to “brine” chicken.  Before this, I only knew “Brine” to be a pretty effective move in Pokemon.  Apparently real brining  is letting the chicken sit in a slat water solution for an hour in the fridge before cooking.  The chicken absorbs the salt water and stays in while the chicken cooks.  This is especially helpful when cooking with “dry heat” such as grills, frying, and oven baking.  Seeing as how George Foreman is my best friend, I’ll stick to grilling.

To my audience, has anyone tried this?  I haven’t but it is now on my to do list for my dinner tonight.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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