A Look Back: The Final Entry for My Class

So it has been quite the semester for me.  I managed to cook 9 meals over the course of this blog.  Though it was far from my goal of 20, I would say I managed to have some fun while working on these entries while still getting my work done.

I’ve kept you all informed on what I’ve learned cooking-wise during these entries, but I must say I’ve learned a lot when it comes to project management as well.

Mostly the fact that it is difficult to schedule 20 meals over 15 weeks especially if the people you hope to cook with don’t have a grade to worry about and you have school work for other classes to worry about too.

This isn’t to say that it is any particular parties fault, it is simply something that I need to work in to planning for other projects.

But now that this semester is done, I am most likely going to continue this blog, so there is no deadlines to meet.  I still plan on cooking and posting what projects I can here for my friends, family, and what online fans I have to read and enjoy.

So thank you for your time, I hope to please you all with my other culinary experiments in the future.


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