A Review: The Recipe Websites

So due to time constraints, the second half of my blog for this semester has been predominantly recipes and why I want to do them.  I started with getting all my information from AllRecipes.com.  Let me tell you why it is great.

Image representing AllRecipes as depicted in C...

AllRecipes.com (AR) is a great way for someone who cooks for fun.  I originally found this site years ago when trying out recipes when I first started cooking.  I wasn’t serious about cooking at the time and it was something I could leave and come back to whenever I needed to.  After years of using it, I get the impression that is not that urgent that meals are super fancy.  AR takes recipes submitted by users and makes them easy to share with other users in a friendly online community.  Meals are not overcomplicated and make cooking approachable for people who have not grown up cooking meals for themselves often.

Image representing Epicurious as depicted in C...

The second website I used was Epicurious.  I originally found it while downloading random applications for my iPhone and iPad.  This one seemed a little more high end when it came to cooking and upon reading recipes, it confirmed my suspicion.  Epicurious seemed like it tended to focus on the finer details of cooking.  People who use the site are by no means sous chefs, but they do have a passion for the finer details.  This is reflected not only in the descriptions and lists of recipes, but in the presentation of the website as well.  The impression I get with Epicurious is that it is for people who have a greater passion for cooking rather than the casual cook.

I personally will probably use Epicurious more often than not in the future.  This isn’t to say that AllRecipes won’t be in my cooking repertoire, but rather, I would like to focus on the finer details in my cooking, and use the recipes I find on AllRecipes.com as a supplement to my passion.

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