Cheesecake: Taking indulgence to the next level

Shane Doan.  We should trade away Patrick Marleau and try to acquire Shane Doan.  He is a free agent this year and 6.9 million dollars in cap space freed up by getting rid of Marleau will give us spending flexibility.  That guy actually plays like he cares.  In the playoffs, he’ll be making all the big plays and leading when even the coaching staff isn’t.  I’m starting a campaign right now: Shane Doan to the Sharks…well, we’ll have the cap space up until we acquire Rick Nash.  Man, Doug Wilson better be as shrewd as he makes us think he is.  Nash+Doan.  It will make the Sharks a force to be reckoned with.

So I’ve done a few recipes on dinners.  So I figured I’d look for a desert.  I rarely eat deserts so I had no idea where to start…until I saw this.
Chantal’s New York Cheesecake

Newyork cheesecake

Cheesecake is the dessert.  No dessert can beat cheesecake.  Lesser desserts have tried to dethrone the reigning king of desserts but none can touch it.  Cheesecake has eyes and ears everywhere and those who dare defy it will be sent to guillotine only to be devoured by the dogs of Cheesecake.  Crepes once took Cheesecake’s name in vain and as punishment, Cheesecake changed the spelling of crepe’s name so that people would mistake it for “crap.”

If you couldn’t tell, I like Cheesecake.

What I like about this:  Do I need to repeat the above paragraph?

What I don’t like about this:Ingredient list:-15 fat/carbohydrate crackers

-1.5 cups sugar
-.75 cups fat
-4 cups cholesterol
-1 cup fat-1 tablespoon vanilla extract
-.25 cup more carbohydrate

It is surprising how accurate that is to the real ingredients.  Man, I probably should not have looked at the recipe for Cheesecake.  Knowing what is in it almost makes me feel guilty for liking it…almost.


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