Homemade pizza dough: Avoid the Noid.

The sad part of the Kings probably getting to the Stanley Cup Finals is that I don’t really have confidence in the Devils or the Rangers that they can beat LA.  Considering how stacked the Rangers are, they should be the ones dispatching other teams in 4-5 games instead of 6-7.  The Kings are an 8th seeded team, eliminated the #1 seed in their conference in 5 games, the #2 seed in 4 games, and if they win today, the #3 seed in 5 games.  They are ridiculous and Dean Lombardi is ridiculously lucky.  That guy would be looking for a job if it weren’t for the Mike Richards/Jeff Carter trades and Darryl Sutter fixing the Noid– I mean Dustin Penner.  Down with Lombardi, up with Doug Wilson.

So I posted to my Facebook page the other day about how pizza from a restaurant almost never disappointing and frozen pizza almost always disappointing me.  This poses a conundrum as always: how do I eat pizza without spending too much money on restaurant pizza and how eat a disc shaped pile of puke from a frozen cardboard box?  So like all of my life’s issues, I’m resolving it by learning to cook and/or bake.

Pizza 1 bg

I was able to find this recipe on AllRecipes.com.

Pizza Dough II

Usually I find a couple options to choose from, but all the other options were pretty much the same.  From reading the recipe, I found that bread rises before going into the oven.  This idea is weird a deeply confusing to me.  I might have learned this when we baked bread for a project in the first grade, but I had to get the cast on my broken arm when we baked the bread.  Curse you jungle-gym!

When I think about it, I could probably use the grilled chicken I’ve used in other recipes and use it as a topping for this one…my goodness…Coming soon to Cooking with Friends: Recipe Combinations!  I’ll call them Captain Planet recipes!

The New Adventures of Captain Planet logo.

My recipes combined!


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