I like tacos and burritos…mostly tacos.

I guess you have to give Dean Lombardi credit for being able to develop players.  I mean I haven’t seen many players out of San Jose who are superstars.  Probably the two strongest ones in the organization that Doug Wilson drafted are Logan Couture and Marc-Edouard Vlasic.  Marleau was drafted by Lombardi but I can’t say that was a good choice considering the long term results.  Doug Wilson is good at getting star players from other teams and keeping them though.  Case in point: Joe Thornton and Dan Boyle.  Thornton even took a pay cut to stay here.  I guess it is debatable as to which skill is more valuable.

Yet another recipe from Epicurious!

Black Bean Tacos with Corn Salsa

Barbacoa Tacos — “Three corn tortillas f...

I loves me Mexican food.  Usually when I do eat it, it is incredibly unhealthy.  I’m a big fan of big burritos from taquerias.  And usually most taquerias use lard as their key ingredient.  Get for my taste-buds.  Not so much for my stomach.  I browsed the healthy section of Epicurious and found these guys.

Things I like about it: I really like the dedication to health in the recipe.  No meat whatsoever.  Baked in an oven, which I would have never thought of.  Lots of spices to flavor.

Things I don’t like about it: No meat whatsoever.  Not going to lie.  I love being  a meat eater.

It is hard for me to predict whether or not I’m going to enjoy this because my biggest pet peeve with healthy food is the lack of flavor.  The ones I do like tend to have too much sodium.  This recipe seems to have lots of different flavoring and a person who believes in the recipe writing it.  This recipe and the previous one is starting to make me believe more and more in Epicurious.

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