If horses gallop, do seahorses scallop?

Seriously, the biggest insult is that the Kings will be going to the Stanley Cup Finals in a year where they barley had any business being in the playoffs in the first place.  For the past three years, the Sharks were expected to get far in the playoffs.  I’ll give them some credit: they made it to the Western Conference Finals for the second and third times in three seasons.  And despite this, the Sharks haven’t even been to the Stanley Cup Finals.  We will be the only Californian team who hasn’t been there.  This wouldn’t be so bad if Dean Lombardi just lived up to his reputation and continued to make terrible moves.

So I’ve been finding the recipes on AllRecipes to be getting boring.  So time for a new site: Epicurious!  It seems a little more high end.  This seemed to be confirmed by the recipe I decided to go over:

Scallops with Spice Oil

Chef's Surprise: Sea Scallops

Here are my thoughts about seafood.  I love seafood but I hate fish.  This usually throws people off.  If I must be more specific, I love shellfish.  Give me shrimp, crab, lobster, scallops and the like and I’ll be happy.  Give me any type of fish and I’ll spit it out.  So when I saw there was a scallop section on Epicurious I had to explore.  There I discovered healthy recipes and stumbled upon this.

This recipe would be intimidating for me because the only shellfish I have had to cook on my own was shrimp.  I love the texture of scallops but since I’ve never cooked them, I’ll probably screw them up.  Plus they’re probably expensive.  I’ll probably save these for a special occasion, like a fancy date.  Like a sir.



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